Federal Crimes

A federal crime is a criminal act that is illegal according to federal law and prosecuted in federal court. Federal crimes are prosecuted by the United States District Attorney’s Office. The crimes are often investigated by the investigative branches of the federal government. Typically, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) are involved in the investigation and arrest. The Secret Service, Internal Revenue Service or other specialized authorized investigative branches of the federal government can also lead an investigation into the violation of federal law.

If you have been contacted by federal agents, or if you have already been indicted, you are in dire need of a capable criminal defense attorney. Obtaining the right representation for you is critical. I have extensive experience in representing person charged with federal white collar crime and federal drug prosecutions.

The term “White collar” crime was first coined in 1939. Essentially, the term means that the alleged crime differed in characteristics and motivation than typical “street crime.” Often times white collar crimes occurs within context of a relationships. Relationships such as those found in the employer-employee and client-service provider scenarios. Often these types of relationships include healthcare professionals, investors, mortgage loan applicants, real estate brokers. If you have been indicted or feel you might have some exposure, contact attorney Philip E. Thornton for answers to your questions. My knowledge and over 20 years of experience assisting those accused of federal white collar crimes will help you make sense of the potential consequences in your case.

If you face charges for a drug crime, there are serious life-long consequences of a federal conviction. A conviction for a federal drug offense can result in the loss of your freedom, right to vote, right to bear arms, loss of business or professional licenses issued by the State where you reside. Most federal drug convictions will have an effect on your ability to gain admission into college. Any person charged with such an offense should immediately seek the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney. I will listen to your unique facts of your case and together we will develop a successful defense strategy. Other lawyer discuss being “aggressive” and will fight for your rights. I will employ my knowledge and experience to assist you in receiving the best resolution for you and your particular situation. I am competently aggressive in reaching your stated desires. If that means presenting your case to a jury, I will not just “fight” for you rights, I will zealously defend every aspect of your case. Allow me to assist you with my extensive knowledge of the federal system. Put my over 20 years of experience to work on your case for a better outcome for your future.

The assistance of an aggressive federal criminal defense attorney may be able to help you avoid lengthy prison sentences and large monetary penalties. Act quickly to preserve all avenues of your defense to these charges. Call attorney Philip E. Thornton today for a free consultation.

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