Arrested or being questioned in connection with a crime? Contact Philip E. Thornton at any time to discuss any legal issues you may have.

Mr. Thornton understands the difficult decisions you are facing when trying to decide which attorney will best suit your needs.

It is important to be informed and to make informed decisions at this critical point in your life.

Mr. Thornton will explain your charges, what the criminal court processes are, and what the potential penalties may be.

He understands what is at stake for you.

Should I meet with law enforcement to “explain” what occurred without an attorney?
Absolutely not. You need aggressive defense to take on a criminal justice system stacked against you.

Should I just plead guilty?
NO! There's too much at stake to rely on the mercy of the system.

Do I really need an attorney?
YES! Mr. Thornton will go to trial if the prosecutor’s best offer does not benefit you. He understands the necessity in achieving favorable results for his clients. You need an attorney with a reputation for taking cases to trial and winning. You need an attorney that the prosecution knows will go to trial.

Just have a quick question? Feel free to give us a call. Contact our office and find out where you stand.

We offer a free initial consultation, including some evening and weekend appointments, as well as “in-custody” consultations.

Mr. Thornton will personally handle your case and strives to be accessible, however in the event he is in trial and not immediately available, his paralegal, Cindy Stewart, is available to assist you.

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