Washington State’s laws concerning driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol charge are some of the strictest in the Nation. If you have provided a sample over the legal limit, you will be facing a two-headed beast. The law provides that your driving privileges may be suspended or revoked either administratively through the Department of Licensing or through a criminal court conviction or both.

Washington has a Driving Under the Influence Conviction Sentencing Grid. Based upon the level of breath alcohol content you provided and the number of prior alcohol related driving offenses determines where your particular case fails within the grid. Typically, a first-time DUI conviction has a mandatory one day (24 consecutive hours) in jail minimum sentence with a maximum incarceration of 365 days in jail. In addition to the mandatory jail time, as mentioned above the law provides that your license will be suspended for at least a 90-day period. The law requires you have an alcohol evaluation and complete any recommended treatment. All courts in Washington will require you to attend a victim impact panel. The Court will also impose at least the mandatory minimum fines, court costs and other assessments. The court can also maintain jurisdiction over you for a period of five (5) years and in doing so will place restrictions and conditions of your future behavior. The law may require you to install an ignition interlock in your vehicle when you get your license reinstated. These penalties increase significantly if you have a prior alcohol related driving offense or if you fail to provide a sample of your breath when required to do so.

You need the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced Tacoma and Pierce County DUI attorney to help you make the sense of the complex issues of a DUI charge. You need to call attorney Philip E. Thornton for a free consultation. There is a tremendous amount of decisions you will need to make early on after you have been stopped by an officer for investigation of DUI. I understand the fear, confusion and embarrassment such a charge can have on a person. Let me help you make the right choices. Do not be misled by lawyer, friends and family offering half-truths and folklore concerning DUI’s and the consequences. Call a Tacoma and Pierce County attorney with over 20 years of experience who has been successful in challenging the accusations of DUI charges.

There are a number of ways to attack a charge of Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated. I do not charge for initial consultations. I will meet with you to give you a complete understanding of the laws of DUI/DWI, the court and administrative processes you will face and the potential consequences if convicted. I will also discuss with you the unique facts of your situation. From there we can intelligently discuss a plan of action for your case. When I was younger my mother had a curious saying: “There is a thousand ways to skin a cat.” As a lawyer, I now know what that saying means. Together we will find a way to resolve this matter for you.

I have successfully challenged driving-alcohol related charges in Pierce and South King County for over 20 years. I keep abreast of the latest legal and factual challenges to the admission of the breath testing devices employed in Washington. Each year I attend the latest seminars to keep apprised of the successful challenges from other jurisdictions across the Nation. You will find a number of lawyers offering you advice and representation for little or no initial cost. But a good defense is like a lot of things in life: “You get what you pay for.” My fees depend upon a number of factors. But rest assured that you will not find a lawyer who will work harder for your desired results than Attorney Philip E. Thornton. I am experienced, knowledgeable and competently aggressive. Call today for a free consultation.

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