Drug Charges

The “War on Drugs” continues in the State of Washington. At both State and Federal Court levels, the prosecution of drug crimes continues at an ever increasing rate. Entire sections of police departments are dedicated to the detection of and arrest of controlled substances/drug offenders. Notwithstanding the resources employed by law enforcement, the fact the police may have found drugs in your home or on your person, does not mean all is lost. Often times to the police, the phrase: “All is fair in love and war.” means they do not always follow the rules. You need the help of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to make sure your rights have not been violated. I will work hard to keep you out of jail, and aggressively find the best resolution for your case.

My name is Philip E. Thornton, and I have defended those accused of drug charges for over 20 years. I have represented clients accused of possession, possession with the intent to deliver, delivery and/or manufacturing of controlled substances in the Tacoma and Pierce County area, as well as Thurston County and King County. Call me at 253-383-3102 for a free consultation.

Various Types of Drug Related Crimes

There are various types of drug related crimes that can be charged in the State of Washington and in federal court. A person can be charged with simple possession, possession with the intent to deliver or sell, delivery/sale of a controlled substance, possession with the intent to manufacture, and manufacturing of a controlled substance. A person can also be charged with conspiracy to commit any one of these crimes. The penalty for each offense varies with the type of offense alleged and the type of controlled substances involved in the crime. Crimes involving cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy) and heroin have longer sentences and larger fines than those crimes involving marijuana and prescription drugs. The actual amount of jail time depends upon the number of prior offenses and number of other concurrently convicted offenses. The possession of a firearm or other deadly weapon while possessing controlled will add additional jail time to the underlying offense sentence. Call Attorney Philip Thornton at 253-383-3102 for a free consultation to discuss the various types of crimes and potential penalties. There are a number of other sentencing alternatives to jail time available for drug offenders. An experienced, knowledge attorney can assist you in deciding what punishment, if any, is available for the crime you may be accused of by the government.

In Defending a Drug Related Case You Must Always Look at the Arrested

Most drug charges result from a traffic stop or arrest for another underlying offense. Officers will conduct a search of the vehicle or the person after the arrest. Drugs are often found in a pocket, purse or passenger compartment of the vehicle. Drugs can also be seized from the execution of a search warrant on a house or business. Sometimes law enforcement utilizes a confidential informant to purchase drugs from an individual.

The goal of any attorney in challenging an arrest for drug possession is to identify the mistakes made by law enforcement. No human is perfect and this holds true for the work performed by law enforcement. When a police officer makes a mistake or takes a short cut in his job, your constitutional rights can be violated. If you hire the Law Office of Philip E. Thornton, I will interview all witnesses and review the police reports and I consult with you about the events which lead to your arrest. Through this process we will identify the mistakes and missteps so common in these cases. I will utilize these mistakes in seeking to have your charges possibly dismissed or resolving your case with a reduced charge or favorable sentencing recommendation.

Do not feel all is lost because you have been charged with a drug possession crime or drug related crime. Before you talk to the police or anyone, Call Philip Thornton Immediately!

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